Journal of Language Contact

I recently discovered yet another open access online linguistics journal that readers may find interesting: The Journal of Language Contact . The journal has thus far published one issue, and as the following table of contents shows, they have been able to attract some of the big names in contact linguistics as contributors to their inaugural issue:

Robert Nicolaï. Le contact des langues : point aveugle du ‘linguistique’; Language Contact: A Blind Spot in ‘Things Linguistic’.

Donald Winford. Some Issues in the Study of Language Contact.

Sarah Thomason. Language Contact and Deliberate Change.

Salikoko Mufwene. Population Movements and Contacts in Language Evolution.

Bernard Py. Apprendre une langue et devenir bilingue : un éclairage acquisitioniste sur les contacts des langues.

Petr Zima. Why languages and contact.

Malcom Ross. Calquing and Metatypy.

Marianne Mithun. Grammar, Contact and Time.

Lorenza Mondada. Le code switching comme ressource pour l’organisation de la parole-en-interaction.

Robert Nicolaï. Contact des langues et contact dans la langue : hétérogénéité, construction de l’homogène et émergence du ‘linguistique’

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