… as they say in Nanti — I’m back. I got my dissertation into the committee about a month ago and have been catching up on everything that has been on hold for the last several months. Quite out of tune with the quiet, monastic life I’ve been leading while I’ve been finishing my dissertation, I actually have something resembling personal news.

First, I have my dissertation defense tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to. Although I at first had to come to terms with needing to omit a few really interesting things, for reasons of space, I’m now mostly pretty happy with the dissertation. (We’ll see what my committee has to say tomorrow!) And what I’m really excited about is being able to get back to some older projects that have been on hold, and to start some new ones. I’ll probably be writing about about some of these in the coming months.

The second major piece of news is that this fall I’ll be starting as an assistant professor in the linguistics department at UC Berkeley. I will be sad to leave Austin, and all my friends and colleagues here, but I am very excited by the prospects of this new intellectual home.

And third, I’ll be heading to Peru on May 13th with my partner Chris Beier for a summer of fieldwork. I’ll try to keep up blogging as far into the field as I can — and it’s quite suprising how far into the Amazon Basin internet connections have spread — but all of my actual field sites are off the grid. Or at least they were a year-and-a-half ago, when I was there last…

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