Amazonian languages at CILLA IV

The fourth biennial Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America (CILLA IV) will be held at the University of Texas at Austin, October 29-31, 2009. The preliminary program can be downloaded here.

Amazonian languages are particularly well represented this year. Apart from a keynote talk by Elsa Gomez-Imbert on the Tukanoan family, talks will be given on: Ika (Henrik Bergqvist), Shuar (Tuntiak Katan), Iquito (Cynthia Anderson), Omagua (Lev Michael), Kubeo (Thiago Costa Chacón), Ese Ejja (Marine Vuillermet), Nanti (Christine Beier), Guaraní (Cynthia Clopper and Judith Tonhauser), Tikuna (Karina Sullón Acosta), Paresi-Haliti (Ana Paula Brandão), Yanoama (Helder Perri Ferreira), Kakua (Katherine Bolaños and Patience Epps), and Kokama (Rosa Vallejos Yopán).

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