More Nanti Linguistics

Looking through the stats of my much-neglected blog, I learned that one of my most-read old posts during my (very) long blogging hiatus turns out to be this old 2009 post in which I listed the publications on Nanti linguistics and ethnography I had authored or co-authored until that point. That list is rather out of date by now, so I’m updating it, below, with things that I have written since 2009.

Under review

The Nanti reality status system: Implications for the typological validity of the realis/irrealis contrast. [pdf]

The cultural bases of linguistic form: The development of Nanti quotative evidentials. [pdf]

In Press

Negation in Nanti. In Lev Michael and Tania Granadillo (eds.), Negation in Arawak languages. BRILL. [pdf]


Nanti self-quotation: Implications for the pragmatics of reported speech and evidentiality. Pragmatics and Society 3(2): 321-357. [pdf]

Possession in Nanti. In Alexandra Aikhenvald and R.M.W. Dixon (eds.), Possession and Ownership: A cross-linguistic typology, pp. 149-166 . Oxford University Press. [pdf]

I will, of course, be very happy to respond to any questions or comments that anyone has about any of these pieces.


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