Iquito linguistics

I recently needed to share some resources on Iquito, a Peruvian Zaparoan language that some colleagues and I have worked with, and I realized that the materials that we have produced on this language are scattered across the web, and that there is really no single place to send anyone to download the digital materials available on this language.  As a stopgap measure, this post lists major publications produced by participants in the Iquito Language Documentation Project, by year, with download links.


Beier, Christine, Cynthia Hansen, I-Wen Lai, and Lev Michael. Exploiting word order to express an inflectional category: Reality status in Iquito. Linguistic Typology 15(1): 65-99. [pdf]

Hansen, Cynthia. Expressing reality status through word order : Iquito irrealis constructions in typological perspective. PhD dissertation, University of Texas at Austin. [pdf]

Michael, Lev. Tone and stress in the prosodic system of Iquito (Zaparoan, Peru). Amerindia 35: 53-74. [pdf]


Lai, I-Wen. Time in the Iquito language. PhD dissertation, University of Texas at Austin. [pdf]

Michael, Lev. Clause linking in Iquito (Zaparoan). In R.M.W. Dixon and Alexandra Aikhenvald (Eds.), The Semantics of Clause Linking, pp. 145-166. Oxford University Press. [pdf]


Michael, Lev, Christine Beier, and Karina Sullón Acosta. Diccionario bilingüe iquito-castellano and castellano-iquito. Iquito Language Documentation Project internal report. [webpage with download links]

Beier, Christine (compiler). Iquíituhuaaca saaquɨ́ɨnica Cuentos, relatos e historias del pueblo iquito. [webpage with download links]

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