New Survey Reports Volume: Structure and contact in languages of the Americas

A new volume in the occasional Survey (of Californian and Other Indian Languages) Reports series was just published, and is available online here. The volume, entitled Structure and contact in languages of the Americas, was edited by John Sylak-Glassman and Justin Spence, and includes a number of very interesting articles on South and Central American languages, as evident in the table of contents, reproduced below:
  • Subgrouping in the Tupí-Guaraní family: A phylogenetic approach by Natalia Chousou-Polydouri and Vivian Wauters
  • A ‘perfect’ evidential: The functions of -shka in Imbabura Quichua by Jessica Cleary-Kemp
  • Hierarchies, subjects, and the lack thereof in Imbabura Quichua subordinate clauses by Clara Cohen
  • One -mi: An evidential, epistemic modal, and focus marker in Imbabura Quechua by Iksoo Kwon
  • The stops of Tlingit by Ian Maddieson and Caroline L. Smith
  • The plank canoe of southern California: Not a Polynesian import, but a local innovation by Yoram Meroz
  • Variable affix ordering in Kuna by Lindsey Newbold
  • Passive constructions in Kʷak̓ʷala by Daisy Rosenblum
  • Dialect contact, convergence, and maintenance in Oregon Athabaskan by Justin Spence
  • Affix ordering in Imbabura Quichua by John Sylak-Glassman

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