Journal of Amazonian Languages (Updated)

The Journal of Amazonian Languages (JAL) was a short-lived journal that produced two issues in 1997-1998. Its short lifespan has meant that obtaining copies of the journal has been a challenge ever since, which is unfortunate, since a number of quite interesting and useful articles appeared in its pages (summarized below). Fortunately, JAL’s editor, Dan Everett, recently made the two issues available in pdf format via a Dropbox folder. Update: Eduardo Ribeiro, over at, has OCR-ed the two issues (issue 1 and issue 2) and divided them by article. I have added links to the specific articles below.

Get them while they’re hot:

Volume 1, Number 1

  • Wari’ Phonetic Structures: Margaret R. MacEachern, Barbara Kern, and Peter Ladefoged [pdf]
  • Noun Classification and Ethnozoological Classification in Machiguenga: Glenn Shepard Jr. [pdf]
  • Noun Classification in Pilagá: Alejandra Vidal [pdf]

Volume 1, Number 2

  • The Use of Coreferential and Reflexive Markers in Tupí-Guaraní Languages: Cheryl Jensen [pdf]
  • Aspects of Ergativity in Marubo (Panoan): Raquel Guimaraes R. Costa [pdf]
  • The Acoustic Correlates of Stress in Pirahã: Keren M. Everett [pdf]