Amazonicas III

The CFP for the third iteration of the quasi-annual conference series on the syntax and phonology of Amazonian languages is now out (here). I attended the last conference, in Recife, Brazil, and enjoyed it tremendously.

This year the conference will be held outside of Brazil for the first time, in Bogotá, Colombia, and includes a wider range of conference themes: 1) The phonetics and phonology of laryngeal features; 2) Valency increasing strategies; 3) Lexical categorization; 4) The expression of spatial notions; and 5) Valency increasing mechanisms in Arawak languages.

I’m hoping that the location of the conference will make it more feasible and attractive for Peruvian and Ecuadorean linguists to attend than past conferences. Originally, the plan had been for the conference to be held in Leticia, right on the Amazon proper, where Peru, Colombia, and Brazil meet. That would have been wonderful, but I understand why for logistical reasons Bogotá makes more sense. In any event, I am really looking forward to the conference. Now I just need to write my abstract.

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